marți, 8 octombrie 2013

Site-urile AVG si AVIRA au fost atacate de hackeri

Site-urile AVG si AVIRA au fost atacate de hackerii palestinieni KDSM. Pagina principala a fost inlocuita cu cea din imagine.
Mai jos aveti mesajele aparute pe site-uri:
"We are here to deliver two messages. First one: we want to tell you that there is a land called Palestine on the earth. This land has been stolen by Zionist. Do you know it? Palestinian people has the right to live in peace. Deserve to liberate their land and release all prisoners from Israeli jails. We want peace. Long live Palestine"
Inclusiv site-urile pentru update-uri au fost afectate :(

Aceiasi hacker au atacat si firma de hosting LeaseWeb in weekend-ul trecut printr-un atac DNS hijacking.

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